Meet the SoCal WanderBus, affectionately known as Winnie! She's the perfect piece of flair for any birthday, wedding, or corporate event- a wandering photo booth who leaves a smile on every face she meets. No matter the occasion, she has a way of creating a buzz and leaving lasting memories with every snapshot she takes. And she'd love to spend some time with you! 



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Meet Winnie the WanderBus

We bought Winnie in October of 2016. Winnie is a 1974 Volkswagen Transporter, who is rumored to have toured with "The Grateful Dead" in her early years selling t-shirts with her first owners. She is a Colorado bus, which just meant that she was completely rusted out from her years in the snow. We are her fourth owners and we had no idea what we were doing. In fact we look back now and we are so thankful that we were so blind with love & naive about how much it would cost to restore her! We started her restoration in April 2017 and finished it in August. She has been operational as a photo bus ever since! We decided to name her Winnie after the beloved Ugly Duckling "Winnie Cooper" of the t.v series "The Wonder Years" Just like Winnie Cooper, our Winnie turned into a beautiful butterfly.